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Spending Detox March 11-16

Spending Detox March 11-16

See this post for and introduction to our March spending detox and the accompanying ground rules.

Sunday, March 11

We went hiking in the Rockies with a friend today! We’d been intending to snowshoe, but it hasn’t snowed in a while, so the path was well beaten enough for boots alone. We didn’t leave ourselves enough time in the morning to make breakfast at home, so we ended up grabbing McD’s breakfast on the way out of town. Faaaaaail. Fortunately, I did have the foresight to prep lunches last night, so no additional spending there. In the past, I’ve often grabbed a bagel or sandwich at this wonderful (and expensive) shop on the way out to the mountains so a homemade lunch is a definite improvement.

Chris picked up some groceries at the neighborhood Safeway, including a bunch of meat that the Click & Collect order failed to include. Safeway is one of the pricier options in our area, and it’s also the most convenient to us at a couple blocks away.

I managed to fall asleep in yoga class tonight. The teacher just let me keep snoozing after everyone left. For an hour. When she finally wiggled my toe, I was alone in the middle of the room and staff were packing up for the night. Daylight saving time and that hike clearly took it outta me today.

McDonald’s breakfast: $18.76 (!!!!)
Groceries: $62.21
Total: $80.97

Monday, March 12

WE HAVE SUNLIGHT UNTIL AFTER 8PM AGAIN AND IT IS GLORIOUS. I don’t think I’ve been this happy in months. It was 8 degrees Celcius today and I’m already dreaming of lazy evenings drinking sangria on patios… which is not a thing I ever do, but damn, does it ever sound glamourous.

I spent the evening with my Girl Guide unit and Chris spent his reviewing books on Goodreads. I also received a large reimbursement cheque I’ve been waiting a month for, so that’ll feel good sitting back in the chequing account.

Total: $0

Tuesday, March 13

This afternoon I met up with a couple folks at a cafe to brainstorm themes and sponsorship opportunities for an event we’re planning. I spent $3.00 on coffee (social outing loophole).  

My impatience got the best of me on the cat-door front, and I cut a cat-head-shaped hole in the closet door. The litter problem is solved in the cutest possible way, with zero money spent. However, someone on Facebook mentioned the cutout kinda looks like Batman and I can’t unsee it.

Cafe: $3.00
Total: $3.00

Wednesday, March 14

I spent most of my workday downtown at a workshop. It’s free to ride rail transit within Calgary’s downtown core, and we’re a 10 minute walk away from the westernmost downtown stop. This makes travelling into and around the core totally freeeee.

I popped into a consignment shop in my neighbourhood after work, where I picked up a fancy new-to-me Lululemon athletic top for free. It would have rung in at $13, but I had some credit with them after consigning a bunch of clothing last year. With the arrival of warmer weather and trip to Florida in April, I find myself wanting to browse spring and summer clothing online. There are very few things I actually “need” to refresh this year, but the allure of flowy new warm-weather clothing in various pastel colours is tempting after a long, cold, dark winter.

Chris went climbing this evening and rented gear.

Climbing & gear rental (on a guest pass): $10
Total: $10.00

Thursday, March 15

I’m delivering a presentation to the Alberta Girls’ Parliament in Edmonton tomorrow, so we made the drive up in the evening and spent the night at Chris’ dad’s place. The 3 hour drive took closer to 5 hours, with a good 150km spent in a snowstorm worthy of the planet Hoth. Instead of grabbing our usual fast food meal at the halfway point in Gasoline Alley (yes, that’s a thing), we stopped at a supermarket to grab healthier roadie food. It didn’t save any money, but it was certainly healthier and conducive to better habit-building.

Gas: $50
Groceries: $24.00
Total: $74.00

Friday, March 16

Returned home to Calgary. Chris’ dad sent us away with roast lamb and the Girls’ Parliament thanked me with Girl Guide cookies so we’re livin’ like fat cats. We did stop for coffee on the way home from Edmonton (exploiting the “unless travelling” loophole). 

Coffee: $5.00
Total: $5.00

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