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Spending Detox March 1 – 4

Spending Detox March 1 – 4

See this post for and introduction to our March spending detox and the accompanying ground rules.

Thursday, March 1

It’s grocery day and I didn’t have the means to pack a spectacular lunch because there isn’t much food left in the kitchen. I tossed a can of chunky soup, the last orange, an apple, remnants of a bag of trailmix, and the butt ends of a loaf of bread in my bag. What I thought was gonna be a sad, sad food day turned out okay. I was satiated enough to hit the gym after work. Chris had dinner ready when I got home from work, then he took the car to do a grocery run while I went to yoga class.

The LL Bean catalogue arrived in the mail. I ordered a few Christmas gifts from them in December, which evidently gives them license to spam my mailbox. I love the Bean, and I knew the catalogue would be too tempting, so it went straight into the recycling bin.

Groceries: $132.84
Total: $132.84


Friday, March 2

It’s a heavy snow day, so I stayed off the roads and worked from home. We lunched at home went through two carafes coffee. In the evening I attended a murderously difficult hot yoga class and Chris braved the roads to drive to the gym. We bought some beer and a few extra groceries, then made dinner and watched Pride & Prejudice on the couch. Chris’s planner is nearly full so he ordered a new Moleskine notebook on Amazon.

Groceries: $23.88
Beer: $16.00
Moleskine: $20.00
Total: $59.88


Saturday, March 3

Low key day. Spent the morning doing paperwork and laundry. Yoga class in the afternoon. Cut some old Levi’s into denim shorts and stuck some gear tape on a hole in a down jacket. I’ve been meaning to do both those things for months. Chris did a lot of gaming and reading. In the evening we prepped lunches and gear for skating in the morning.

Total: $0


Sunday, March 4

We slept in a bit, then drove to Lake Louise and rented skates. It was a beautiful day, and for perhaps the first time in 100 years, Lake Louise wasn’t crowded. We had an entire rink to ourselves for a while, then shared the ice with an Australian couple and a local family. The weather was incredible – a little cloudy, but positively balmy at -5C. We wrapped up the day at a hotel pool, which is a free activity if you act cool.

We packed a lunch and didn’t buy any overpriced food, but we did cave and buy overpriced fizzy drinks. I think we were craving sugar, but we’d only brought water with us. Technically, this could fall under the “unless travelling” exemption, but I’m still gonna chalk it up as a fail. Chris also managed to rip a giant, unrepairable hole in the crotch of his only pair of jeans. Those might need to be replaced later this month. Otherwise it’s sweatpants and khakis for him ’til March 31st.

Lessons learned: Bring something sweet to drink if we’re gonna spend the day outside.

2 pairs of rental skates: $26
Drinks: $10
Total: $36

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