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Embrace the Wisdom of the Gecko (or How I Saved $743 with 1 email)

Embrace the Wisdom of the Gecko (or How I Saved $743 with 1 email)

That cheeky lizard bugger has been right all along.

A few months back I received a renewal notice from my auto insurer informing me my rate would be rising from $1560 to $1919.

…Da fuck?

I hadn’t been in any accidents, received any tickets, or made any claims. My car was getting older and my grid rating represented the lowest possible risk for my driving experience. Alas, my insurer just thought it was a fun time to increase rates across the board. So I went searching for better rates with a variety of online quote comparison tools. I sent the best quote to my broker, who was able to beat it by a further 17.5%.

Original rate: $1560

Rate increased to: $1919

Found a quote on my own for: $1425

Broker wrangled: $1176


This represents a savings of $743/year or $61.91/month. Uh… yes, please. That’s 12 lattes, 36 avocados, or 4 Kindle books per month! These are much more worthy uses of my money.  Never accept arbitrary rate increases at face value, and if you haven’t shopped around for better insurance rates lately, add it to the to-do list.

How do you shop for insurance? Does anyone use a broker who catches rate increases and does the work for you?

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